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You don’t have the customized software or hardware needed for your research project.


Customized Engineering Services for Research Labs


 Customized Analysis Scripts and Software to interface with customized hardware (includes microscopes and other mechanical/electrical instruments) 


Customized Design and Engineering to develop hardware/equipment needed to complete research in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics 

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Outsource Your Lab's Engineering Needs 

Your research project is unique. Let’s build the customized software and hardware it needs.

Don't rely on post-docs Right now, if a lab needs customized software or hardware they typically depend on post-docs with non-engineering skillsets to do the work. This results in higher costs and longer development times.

Save time and funding G-Tech helps labs complete their projects quicker and more economically since they specialize in these services. This frees up time and funding for scientists to focus on the actual research they were hired for.

Engineers that understand the needs of a lab The G-Tech leadership team consists of former scientists that have experience in the scientific research environment and understand the unique engineering needs of research labs.

Get high-quality software & hardware G-tech will help troubleshoot the software or hardware until it accomplishes the task it is meant to perform. 

Testimonials from Scientists

The present state of science requires us as scientists to take advantage of technology if we want to compete for the grants and awards that will allow us to progress in our research. As a neuroscientist it is difficult to manage and learn the skills required to develop the programming necessary to run experiments on these new customized hardware tools. G-tech sat with us for a day, learnt what we needed the software to do and came back in a week! with what we needed. It would have taken us 4- 5 months easily and would have still required work. I anticipate using them again and recommend others to do the same. 

- Dr. Jacob Nordman, NIGMS Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRAT) Fellow at NIH 

One of the tasks that takes me the longest amount of time is the analysis of my data, because I have to write new scripts for each project and multiple scripts sometimes for some of my projects. I waste a lot of time in trying to fix my coding errors and using specialists lets me just focus on conducting my experiments. G-Tech had people who understood the biology and of course the coding skills and were very professional in their conduct. Definitely recommend!

- Sarah Hawes, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NIH

Leadership Team

Dr. Arman Ghodousi, CEO: Arman received his doctorate in Chemistry & Biochemistry from Arizona State University. After graduation, he joined the U.S. Navy as a commissioned officer gaining invaluable experience conducting cutting-edge scientific research at the National Laboratories. He later worked as a Senior Chemist and Chief Technology Officer at a private defense company. He is proficient in software development, as well as electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering.

Jack Kotowicz, Director of Design & Engineering: Jack has over 20 years of experience in product concept design, mechanical and functional layout design, and engineering design for rapid prototyping and low-cost manufacturing, as well as 3D modeling, animation, web and graphic design. Jack received his MA in Architecture and Engineering from Gdansk Technical University, Poland. 

Dr. Sriraman Damodaran, Advisor & Board Member, Dr. Sriraman Damodaran is a graduate in Electrical engineering from Purdue University and received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies and NIH. He has published papers in the Journal of Neuroscience and the Journal of Neurophysiology on ‘Potential non-invasive solutions for Parkinson’s disease’.  

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